Predation, or the threat thereof, is used to regulate prey populations, such as pigeons, in urban environments. The presence of a raptor can be implied through the recorded calls of an audio device or as an actual visible real threat of trained birds of prey. This choice of method and efficacy depends on a variety of factors as investigated in the most recent article published by our Head of Scientific Development & Academic Relations; Manager of Avian Operations, Emma Harris.

Harris, E., de Crom, E.P., Fouche, J. & Wilson, A.  2018. Comparative study on the short-term effects of audio and visual raptor presence on a pigeon population, with a view towards pest control, International Journal of Pest Management, DOI: 10.1080/09670874.2018.1542185

Knowledge of pigeons’ response to audio and visual raptor presence contributes to understanding pigeon ecology and integrative pigeon control strategies.

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