The Dangers of Rat Poison

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We talk a lot about the dangers of poisons such as rodenticides. But what are we talking about exactly?

Rat poison kills rats because it contains high doses of anticoagulants. Anticoagulants inhibit the body’s ability to clot, or stop, any bleeding that occurs.

This means that any animal (or human!) with anticoagulants in their system will bleed more easily, and for a longer period of time. Anticoagulants also weaken small blood vessel walls, which then burst and begin to bleed. These events greatly increase the risk of hemorrhaging and death.

This article by Scientific American echoes these concerns for owls, who have experienced increases in stomach hemorrhaging and death due to exposure to rat poison across BC.

Don’t take these risks lightly. We are all exposed to rat poison on a daily basis. A few examples…

  • Rain washes the poison into our soil and water sources
  • Rats exposed to rodenticides carry the poison on their coats and in their droppings, then access our homes and food
  • Children and pets commonly mistake poison boxes for harmless toys

The industry standard for killing rodents needs to change. Humane Solutions never uses poison for rodent control. With our CatchData rodent control program, we get rid of your rats AND your poison.

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