An Argument For Rats

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Just because we’re “pro-rat control” doesn’t mean we’re “anti-rat”. We believe in balance.

Germaine Greer reflects on this concept well:

Very few rats (outside a laboratory) live to their full lifespan of three years; it is thought that as many as 95 per cent of the rat population will die in their first year through predation. Nevertheless, given the vast numbers of rats that are coming in from the fields at this time of year, I must use poison if I am not to be overrun. All rat poisons are appallingly cruel. I can call the pest control officer from the local council, but he will use the same kind of poison or a worse one.

We’re all for controlling rat populations humanely, which is why we are the first to offer CatchData to adapt strategies in real-time to target individual rat populations effectively.

While uncontrolled rat populations are, understandably, a problem, rats aren’t inherently bad. Actually, they are relatively intelligent animals… some people even domesticate them, and they can be trained to perform tricks and learn simple tasks. At one point, our founder was even toying with the idea of training a rat to locate rat holes on building structures. That would sell, right?

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