BC Rejects Provincial Rat Plan

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British Columbian lawmakers recently voted against a provincial plan to tackle rats.

That means a vote against residents facing the massive economic and environmental impact of rats. Brutal.

A provincial plan is exactly what we need to reduce rat population sizes and eradicate their access to our food supply and living spaces. Everyone from homeowners to policymakers know that the industry standard isn’t cutting it.

BC has implemented very few poison alternatives because most people remain unaware of our province’s extensive rat problem. But we can’t ignore this problem for much longer. Let’s start with some facts:

  1. Rat poison isn’t just bad for the environment – it can harm and even kill animals, including humans.
  2. Rat control methods that use poison are expensive. Poison companies charge regular fees to replace your poison, whether or not it needs to be replaced.
  3. Poison kills rats slowly. This is cruel, because poison causes rats to bleed until they die. This is also unreliable – without instant results, how do you know if the poison actually kills the rats?

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