From Rat Poison to Flymageddon

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National Geographic published the story of a woman who used rat poison to kill rats in her home… only to end up with bigger problems.

Rats are everywhere – dead and alive. Have you noticed how many poison stations are located throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland? Once you start looking, you’ll see them everywhere. Residential buildings, offices and hospitals often have several poison boxes just outside entrance doors.

If this worries you, consider also that it takes 2-5 days for a rat to die after ingesting rodenticide. That means these rodents are spreading poison throughout your environment for 2-5 days before they die. Then when they die, the poison seeps into soil or is biomagnified up the food chain (through animals such as flies, as this woman learned).

Contact Humane Solutions to implement better rat control alternatives to poison. We will get rid of your poison boxes altogether!

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